When speaking with practices about their goals for the year ahead, often a common theme is improving efficiency – especially when it comes to bookkeeping! We’ve put together some of our top tips to get you cooking on gas in 2020…

See up to date, complete client bank records using automatic bank feeds 

A key challenge lots of accountants face is getting complete records from their clients on time. Piecing together incomplete accounts which have been dropped off a few days shy of a VAT return deadline can be a nightmare! Automated bank feeds will save you time on the day-to-day bookkeeping by reducing the amount of time you spend chasing late records. Clear Books provides two types of automated feeds: 

Top Tip – When setting up a Barclays bank feed, consider configuring the account to use a passcode and memorable word so you don’t need the PINsentry!

Reduce time spent on data-entry by getting your clients involved

One of the most effective ways an accountancy practice can reduce its data-entry overheads is to get clients to take on some of the record-keeping. If this seems like a daunting prospect, never fear, Clear Books is here to support you all the way! Here are our top three tips for encouraging client involvement:

1. Ensure clients only do the tasks you want them to by managing their access levels

When you invite a client into their Clear Books account you’ll be able to manage their access level using our fully tailorable permissions. You can start with one or two permissions such as raising invoices or recording purchases and gradually introduce more of the product as confidence grows. 

2. Get clients to quickly and easily to input data on the go using our new mobile app 

If you haven’t heard already, Clear Books has recently launched its brand new mobile app! This simple to use platform provides Clear Books Small & Large users with easy, on-the-go invoicing and speedy receipt capture functionality which is all recorded in real-time. It’s available now and free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store, so what are you waiting for? 

Goodbye shoebox, hello Snap & Scan! >>

3. If clients need an extra helping hand, let us take the time to train them

Getting clients up to speed on any new accounting system can often require accountants spending some time training their clients, and that’s where we come in. If you need a hand showing your clients how to use Clear Books, pick up the phone and call your account manager; we can arrange a free 30-minute webinar with your clients at a time to suit. 

Don’t have an account manager? Contact sales on 0800 862 0202

Use our simple, time-saving tools, to speed up your bookkeeping even more!

There are a whole range of tools in Clear Books which you can use to speed up the bookkeeping. Try giving the functionality below a try! 

1. Speed through your bank reconciliation with ease, using bank explain rules 

Creating bank explain rules allows you to set how recurring transactions should be treated as they come through on the bank statement. You can designate the account code, contact, VAT rate and much more, then use the mass update tool to explain multiple transactions at just the click of a button!

Mass update my world >> 

2. Quickly record multiple transactions with the bulk create tool 

Do you have a lot of transactions to enter into the system? The simple tabular style interface allows you to record multiple invoices/bills in one go, using the tab button on your keyboard to work through the boxes quickly. 

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3. Use smart Clear Books tools to speed up repetitive tasks

Clear Books can automate the following things:

  • Email settings – automate emailing invoices, sending prompt emails ahead of the due date, and chasing late payments
  • Contact Defaults – When adding a new contact, set a default account code, VAT rate and bank account and these will automatically populate when explaining transactions, raising invoices and recording bills for that contact 
  • Recurring invoice/bill generation – Turn on this toggle feature to have the system automatically generate invoices/bills from recurring templates you’ve created
  • Fixed asset depreciation – Turn on this toggle feature to process assets automatically at the end of each month
  • Payment collection – Set up GoCardless and you’ll be able to collect customer payments automatically through Direct Debit

Auto email settings >>

Toggle features >>

Set up Go Cardless >> 

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