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Time savers – Clear Books’ top tools for improving efficiency

When speaking with practices about their goals for the year ahead, often a common theme is improving efficiency - especially when it comes to bookkeeping! We’ve put together some of our top tips to get you cooking on gas in...

/ 3rd February 2020
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Looking to grow your Practice? Our top tips to help

Whether you’re a brand new practice or looking to grow your existing client base, these tips will help you to achieve your goal over the year ahead.  1. Review your processes  Working on growing your practice takes time, especially when...

/ 3rd February 2020
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Preparing your accounting software for Brexit

Will we get a deal? Will there be another general election? Will there be another delay? That’s the thing about Brexit — it throws up a whole load of questions but there’s a real shortage of answers. One thing we...

/ 11th October 2019
Clear Books accounting software

Clear Books is embracing Open Banking — you should too

From talking to our customers, we know that one of the things you appreciate about Clear Books accounting software is the bank feeds feature. Setting up bank feeds with Clear Books simplifies data entry for business bills and makes it...

/ 11th October 2019
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Clear Books: helping you find the right software to supercharge your accounting practice

Clear Books: helping you find the right software to supercharge your accounting practice As an accountant, choosing bookkeeping software is both exciting and overwhelming. After all, it’s one thing to read a list of features and benefits, but how do...

/ 10th October 2019
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5 Steps to Financial Data Security

Would you be willing to share your password with 23 million other people? According to the National Cyber Security Centre, it’s possible that you already are. The NCSC (in collaboration with Have I Been Pwnd) have released a list of...

/ 8th October 2019
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Better control, smarter insights and speed: Clear Books predicts how businesses will manage their financial data in 2020

Change is coming. Small business financial data has moved out of the shoebox and into connected cloud ecosystems. Driving the change are three forces; Making Tax Digital, Open Banking and a changing consumer preference for online experiences over offline interaction....

/ 16th November 2018
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Reserve a seat at the HMRC webinar on MTD!

Clear Books are partnering with HMRC to bring you a webinar this Thursday at 12 noon.  Register now to reserve your seat! The webinar will cover the following MTD topics; About MTDHMRC will share with you the when, what, why...

/ 22nd October 2018
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Clear Books Micro enhancements for cash-based businesses

Hot on the tails of our September product enhancements, we have announced another round of feature releases for the Clear Books Micro online spreadsheet. The October update provides a choice of two ‘views’ in Clear Books Micro - one which...

/ 15th October 2018

Clear Books launches 3 new features in Clear Books Micro

Clear Books' innovative Micro product is an online spreadsheet that makes it easy for small businesses to record sales and expenses. The spreadsheet links seamlessly with Clear Books Practice Edition; our feature-rich and MTD-ready online accounting software for Accountants.  Launched...

/ 10th September 2018