We’re thrilled to announce the launch of an enhanced dashboard for the Clear Books Mobile accounting app. It features a fresh new look and the ability to view and interact with your bank balance.

Clear Books customers on Small, Large or Partner subscriptions can now:

  • Get a quick snapshot of your reconciled bank balance
    View your reconciled bank balance in the Clear Books Mobile app
  • Quickly drill down on transaction details
    Interact with the new bank balance widget to see your biggest transactions on each day
  • Adjust your view in a flash
    Change the date view of your bank balance widget to see your business performance overtime
  • Breathe easy, with a better, fresher look
    We’ve updated wording and design throughout the app to make your experience cleaner and easier

Take a look at Clear Books fresh accounting app dashboard

Clear Books Mobile accounting app

Clear Books subscribers can download the app from the Apple AppStore, or the Google PlayStore. If you don’t yet have a Clear Books subscription, you can set up a free trial before downloading the app to try our mobile features free for 30 days. 

We are dedicated to delivering new mobile features that benefit your business

Clear Books accounting app was launched in 2019 to help subscribers more easily store and record receipts by snapping a photo. With great technology that scans receipts and extracts information to create purchase records, our receipt app helped hundreds of Clear Books customers to reduce the data entry associated with small business accounting.

Later the same year, we expanded upon our mobile features by introducing mobile quotes and invoices. Clear Books Mobile users can create and send invoices to customers on-the-go rather than waiting to get back to their homes or offices.

Need help with Clear Books Mobile?

Every Clear Books subscription comes with free phone and email support. Call us on 0203 475 4744 or contact support here .

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  1. Janet Stevenson 1st June 2020 at 4:01 pm

    Its a very good looking app, but look at the one that QBO have they allow you to upload the picture to be sorted out later, a lot of our clients do not want to be bothered with any more than a photo and an upload. It sits in a file which we review and allocate to the correct place. If you could add this feature as well your app would be fantastic.

    1. Hi Janet,

      This is a great idea. I’ve sent it through to our Product team for assessment. I know they are working on OCR, so hopefully they’ll be able to continue to strengthen the features for you.

  2. Looks great! Any chance you could add a feature to upload bank statements through this as well? My bank only provides statements through their app, so if I could just share them from their app straight to yours that would the whole process a lot easier. I don’t mind going back to the desktop site for actually explaining the transactions, so just the upload would already be enough.

    1. Hi Nils,

      Thanks for the request! We’ve passed it onto our Product team and it seems like you’re not the only one who are looking for this so they’ll take a look and see if it’s something they can add to the roadmap.

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