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How to get consistent brand exposure

You know you have an incredible product. You know you’re amazing at what you do. And you know your business has the potential to completely wow customers. But there’s one thing holding you back; no one knows who you are...

/ 24th November 2021
business idea

Six strategies to help you find your next great business idea

Whether you’re fascinated by the dream of entrepreneurship but haven’t yet hit on what you want to do, or you’ve started working on the first iteration of your business but it hasn’t quite clicked, you’re probably desperate to find the...

/ 18th November 2021
Clear Books online mobile

Customer success stories: Taking the guesswork out of industry changes

We know that choosing your cloud accounting software is a huge decision and we’re determined to give you all of the information you need to make the best choice for you, your business, and, crucially, the people who will actually...

/ 16th November 2021

How to choose the right accountant for your business – plus three red flags to look out for

When you’re looking for an accountant to help you with your business, you’re not just looking for someone who’ll keep you on the right side of HMRC — ideally you’re looking for someone who’ll advise you, help you make crucial...

/ 10th November 2021
embedded financ

Embedded Finance and Your (Favourite) Bank

Which bank is your favourite? Do you even have a favourite bank? Actually, it doesn’t really matter, because embedded finance means you can focus on running your small business, and the banking just happens behind the scenes. From your online...

/ 3rd November 2021

Preparing your practice for MTD ITSA

Clear Books is here to help your practice prepare for Making Tax Digital. More businesses than ever before will be required to keep digital records and report more frequently to HMRC so it’s understandable that the approaching deadline can feel...

/ 13th October 2021

Clear Books integrates with Capitalise

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Capitalise to allow small businesses to eliminate the panic and stress often involved in obtaining business finance. Growing and protecting UK small businesses Half a million UK SMEs have cash reserves...

/ 7th October 2021

Clear Books product update

From the desk of Product Management: recent product updates from Veronique Hon, Product Manager, Clear Books. We’ve made numerous additions and enhancements to Clear Books over the past months, and there are loads of new exciting features and partnerships coming...

/ 1st October 2021

8 signs it’s time to rent office space for your small business

It’s happened again: you’re at your desk, your Zoom meeting has just begun; this potential client could mean big things for your business and you’re more than ready to win them over. You’re feeling calm, confident, and professional. Then your...

/ 22nd September 2021

6 things to consider before you make your first hire

Congratulations! Getting to the stage where it feels like you’re ready to make your first hire is no mean feat.  However, while delegating some of your day-to-day tasks will doubtless free up more time to work on the strategies that’ll...

/ 15th September 2021